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Examining Mental Illness and Addiction in the EDM Community

4 January 2019

For many, the suicide of world-renowned DJ and producer Avicii this past April was an unexpected tragedy and shock. Avicii’s death highlighted that, regardless of fame and income, a person can be struggling with co-occurring disorders like substance use disorder and depression. His death also sparked a conversation about the overall wellbeing of artists, as […]

New EDM Magazine Takes on Opioid Addiction in Festival Culture

3 January 2019

Starting on March 9, 2019, FestWorld Magazine, the world’s first print magazine catering specifically to music festivals and festival-goers, will run its very first issue in partnership with Full Energy, No Drugs (FEND), an anti-opioid initiative, in order to spread awareness and save lives. Music festival culture has become a global phenomenon over the past […]

Face the Music Foundation’s 2018 New Year’s Eve Playlist

31 December 2018
Face The Music Foundation's 2019 New Year's Eve Playlist

We here at Face The Music Foundation want to wish you a happy, healthy, and sober New Year! Whether you’re taking your first steps towards sobriety, are in the midst of recovery, or have been in recovery for a long while, the New Year is always a time of intense reflection on who we once […]

5 of Music’s Most Notable Addiction and Recovery Stories in 2018

31 December 2018
Top Five Addiction Stories in Music 2018

For many of us, 2018 has been a year of tremendous loss, struggle, and growth, filled with many highs and lows that have impacted us in a variety of different ways. The past year has brought the musical community a mixed bag of triumphs and misfortunes when it comes to recovery and addiction, bringing equal […]

Happy Holidays from Face the Music Foundation

25 December 2018
Happy Holidays from Face the Music Foundation

The Face The Music family wants to extend its best wishes for a happy, helpful and hopeful holiday season to all. As many people come together with their families and those close to them, we wanted to reach out to our chosen family and communicate how grateful we are for opportunities we’ve been given to […]

Keith Richards Moving toward A Sober Life

18 December 2018
Keith Richards Moving toward a Sober Life

The foundations of rock have been shaken to their core— the now 75-year-old rock god, Keith Richards, has completely given up hard liquor, and is making his slow journey towards complete sobriety. Everybody knows that hedonism is an integral part of Richards’ legend, and that his intoxication has been fundamental to his image for the […]

Remembering Former RU Client Tommy McClenahan

15 October 2018

In Loving Memory of Tommy McClenahan Tommy was a bright light that was extinguished far too early by an accidental drug overdose on August 10, 2018. At just 24 years old, he left an indelible impact on his family, friends and virtually everyone with whom he connected, through his humor, charm and warmth. Throughout his […]

Honoring the Loss of Former RU Client Kasey Kearney-Argow

15 October 2018

Remembering Kasey Kearney-Argow From the moment she could express herself, Kasey was a creative force of nature. She saw the world through a fun-house-mirror lens, and shared that perspective though art, music, writing and comedy. Although she was hesitant to put herself “out there” for all to see, family and close friends were witness to […]

Mel B is Headed to Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and PTSD

30 August 2018
Mel B Headed to Rehab

Melanie Brown (Mel B), the popular television show judge on America’s Got Talent and former vocalist of the girl-power pop group Spice Girls, will be admitting to rehab in the next few weeks for her alcohol abuse as a way of coping with PTSD. She spoke candidly about seeking treatment last week on The Ellen […]

What’s on Your Recovery Mix?

20 August 2018

It’s Mix-Tape Monday at Face the Music Foundation and some of our staff have put together a choice playlist of songs that address addiction and mental health. Listen, enjoy and let us know what you think. Fall Out Boy – Young and Menace “Young and Menace” was the first single dropped before the release of […]