Project Description

Empowering at Risk Youth through Music and Education

The Get In Tune Program was established to help teenagers and adolescents effectively cope with the emotions and potential traumas that so often lead to substance abuse issues and/or crime at this formative age.  We tackle sensitive topics such as bullying, personal boundaries, finding ones voice, empathy, and self-esteem. Face the Music Foundation partners with schools and community organizations to foster these programs. By helping students incorporate music into their lives, we increase the odds of learning and retention, while instilling confidence, emotional wellbeing, community and trust. This helps break the cycle of negative thoughts and behaviors.

Each Get In Tune Program Session is facilitated by an experienced, qualified and licensed clinical therapist.

Breaking the Cycle for the Next Generation

Teenagers and adolescents are more vulnerable than ever to alcohol and drug addiction. They face an extraordinary array of social and psychological challenges that cause them to turn to alcohol and drug use as a form of escapism. Face the Music Foundation’s Get In Tune program is designed to intercept adolescents at the crossroads of mental health issues and substance use disorders and better integrate music into their lives for growth and lasting wellness.

  • We utilize a 4 week curriculum during which we utilize traditional therapy methods, along with lyric analysis, collaborative songwriting and good old fashioned brainstorming to address the topics of the day. This is a 4 week commitment for 1 session per week that parents make on behalf of the teens and that the teens make to participate and engage.

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Our Get in Tune Program in Action

Preventing Abuse through Education and Engagement

The fight against substance abuse begins at the community level. Face the Music Foundation is committed to helping teenagers and adolescents avoid using drugs or alcohol to deal with their stresses and mental health issues.