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Our mission is to raise awareness and understanding about addiction, provide the means for struggling addicts to get clean and sober, and to help newly recovering addicts develop the tools to maintain long-term recovery.

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Face the Artist: Q & A with LA Singer-Songwriter Dane Ferguson
  • DATE: 6 August 2018

At Face the Music, we like to paint a realistic picture of addiction, the music industry, and recovery – we share the good, the bad, and the ugly in hopes of educating, preventing, erasing stigma, and getting those who struggle the help they need. We know that the music world can be a breeding ground […]...

Whitney Houston Documentary Takes In-Depth Look at Artist’s Life and Legacy

The hit documentary on the silver screen this summer is Whitney which follows the life of the pop music megastar Whitney Houston. The seams of her life were laced with familial issues, domestic abuse,...

  • DATE: 24 July 2018
Staying Clean during Festival Season

Music festival season is upon us – our social media feeds are inundated with stylized flyers, jam-packed with the music world’s heavy hitters, photos of our friends dawning funky getups and gallon...

  • DATE: 26 June 2018
KEXP Produces “Music Heals” Segment on Addiction and Recovery

Popular Seattle radio station KEXP has been producing segments under a series they call Music Heals. Live performances, interviews, and stories from listeners are compiled for each segment based aroun...

  • DATE: 5 June 2018
Recovery Dominates the 2018 Billboard Music Awards

Recovery seemed to be the implicit theme of the night for this year’s Billboard Music Awards. Music artists openly spoke and sang about recovery from the effects of substance abuse, gun violence, me...

  • DATE: 21 May 2018