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Keith Richards Moving toward A Sober Life

18 December 2018
Keith Richards Moving toward a Sober Life

The foundations of rock have been shaken to their core— the now 75-year-old rock god, Keith Richards, has completely given up hard liquor, and is making his slow journey towards complete sobriety. Everybody knows that hedonism is an integral part of Richards’ legend, and that his intoxication has been fundamental to his image for the […]

Remembering Former RU Client Tommy McClenahan

15 October 2018

In Loving Memory of Tommy McClenahan Tommy was a bright light that was extinguished far too early by an accidental drug overdose on August 10, 2018. At just 24 years old, he left an indelible impact on his family, friends and virtually everyone with whom he connected, through his humor, charm and warmth. Throughout his […]

Honoring the Loss of Former RU Client Kasey Kearney-Argow

15 October 2018

Remembering Kasey Kearney-Argow From the moment she could express herself, Kasey was a creative force of nature. She saw the world through a fun-house-mirror lens, and shared that perspective though art, music, writing and comedy. Although she was hesitant to put herself “out there” for all to see, family and close friends were witness to […]

Mel B is Headed to Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and PTSD

30 August 2018
Mel B Headed to Rehab

Melanie Brown (Mel B), the popular television show judge on America’s Got Talent and former vocalist of the girl-power pop group Spice Girls, will be admitting to rehab in the next few weeks for her alcohol abuse as a way of coping with PTSD. She spoke candidly about seeking treatment last week on The Ellen […]

What’s on Your Recovery Mix?

20 August 2018

It’s Mix-Tape Monday at Face the Music Foundation and some of our staff have put together a choice playlist of songs that address addiction and mental health. Listen, enjoy and let us know what you think. Fall Out Boy – Young and Menace “Young and Menace” was the first single dropped before the release of […]

Face the Artist: Q & A with LA Singer-Songwriter Dane Ferguson

6 August 2018
Face the Music Talks One on One with Dane Ferguson

At Face the Music, we like to paint a realistic picture of addiction, the music industry, and recovery – we share the good, the bad, and the ugly in hopes of educating, preventing, erasing stigma, and getting those who struggle the help they need. We know that the music world can be a breeding ground […]

Whitney Houston Documentary Takes In-Depth Look at Artist’s Life and Legacy

24 July 2018

The hit documentary on the silver screen this summer is Whitney which follows the life of the pop music megastar Whitney Houston. The seams of her life were laced with familial issues, domestic abuse, and drug addiction that the public didn’t see until she began to unravel. The director of Whitney, Kevin Macdonald, wanted to […]

Staying Clean during Festival Season

26 June 2018

Music festival season is upon us – our social media feeds are inundated with stylized flyers, jam-packed with the music world’s heavy hitters, photos of our friends dawning funky getups and gallons of glitter, and videos of our favorite artists performing on larger-than-life stages with seas of crowds. Many of us travel cross-country to see […]

KEXP Produces “Music Heals” Segment on Addiction and Recovery

5 June 2018

Popular Seattle radio station KEXP has been producing segments under a series they call Music Heals. Live performances, interviews, and stories from listeners are compiled for each segment based around how music can be used to heal those who are suffering from the topic at hand. KEXP has covered topics such as cancer, mental health, […]

Recovery Dominates the 2018 Billboard Music Awards

21 May 2018

Recovery seemed to be the implicit theme of the night for this year’s Billboard Music Awards. Music artists openly spoke and sang about recovery from the effects of substance abuse, gun violence, mental illness, and sexual violence. We witnessed a beautiful display of compassion and understanding by musicians from all walks of life this Sunday […]