Why Music?


  • Stimulates the Brain
  • Acts as a Change Catalyst
  • Increases Unity
  • Motivates and Inspires
  • Assists in Retention
  • Slows Down Dementia
  • Reduces Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms

How Music Takes Over

After World War II, musicians toured across the United States visiting hospitals and playing music for combat veterans struggling to cope with the emotional and physical wounds of war.

Gradually, clinicians began to realize that music was helping the veterans recover and modern music-assisted treatment was born. The benefits of music in treating mental health issues are well-documented. And “rocking out” is now a cutting-edge tool in the treatment of substance abuse.”

Helping People Everywhere Access Addiction Treatment through Music

Face the Music Foundation offers a full array of programs and outreach initiatives to connect those suffering from addiction with recovery resources and a lifeline to sobriety. These programs are designed to help people of all ages either avoid turning to substance abuse in their lives or access quality and affordable care for themselves or their loved ones. In addition to our ongoing programming, we partner with artists and music industry professionals all over the country to organize benefit concerts, rallies and other events to keep the conversation going, and to save as many lives as possible through musical engagement.

“Through various types of Music methodologies our prevention, treatment scholarships, and aftercare program fight addiction at it’s root.”

  • Lyric Analysis
  • Collaborative Songwriting
  • Musical Aftercare
  • Team building (empathy through music)

We don’t believe that person’s financial or insurance situation should dictate their access to quality health care.

Levels of care you can provide to someone in need:

  • In-Patient Detox
  • Residential Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization Program with Housing
  • Intensive Out-Patient
  • Outpatient
Overdose Deaths (CDC)
Suffering From SUD (SAMHSA)
Received Treatment (SAMHSA)




Give the Gift of Music Order a violin-o-gram for your sweetheart, Mom, Dad or friend.  A violinist in recovery working on behalf of Face the Music Foundation will visit the intended recipient

Changing Lives One Note at a Time

Reversing the course of addiction requires preventative education and support, as well as compassionate and effective assistance for those who are struggling. Face the Music Foundation provides all of these resources through music-based initiatives.