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Music and Learning Linked in New Data

2 July 2019
Music and Learning Linked in New Study

A new study suggests children who learn to play an instrument in high school tend to do better on tests and in subjects like: Science, Math and English. When a child is actively playing an instrument, it raises intelligence, more than if only passively listening to music or without any music at all. So, what […]

New Light Shed on Trafficking of Drugs at Music Festivals

25 June 2019
Examining Presence of Drugs at Music Festivals

Drugs at music festivals have been a problem since their inception. When examining the evolution of these events, and the role drug use has played in them, one can hardly be blamed for conjuring up images of cavemen rolling leaves as they assembled to watch the musical luminaries of their day beat a drum for […]

Voices of Service Shows the Power of Music on America’s Got Talent

21 June 2019
Voices of Service Illustrate the Power of Music

There is nothing more patriotic than a couple of veterans utilizing their God-given talent to sing an acapella number for America’s Got Talent. And what better time to post about this than on #AmericanEagleDay. Leading the patriotic acapella group, “Voices of Service,” is Caleb Green, a well-known anthem singer for the Capitals and recognized face […]

Priscilla Presley Fearful Her Daughter will Succumb to Opioid Addiction

18 June 2019

Lisa Marie Presley opens up about her substance use disorder, and though she’s gone to rehab countless times, her mother, Priscilla Presley, fears that she may follow in her father’s blue-suede-shoes. Lisa Marie is no stranger to opioid addiction – with her father and late ex-husband’s passing from prescription painkillers, she is falling into the […]

Lumineers Release A Chilling Addiction-Focused Trilogy

4 June 2019
The Lumineers have released new music that chronicles that raw and unflinching reality of addiction.

Three years after the story of Cleopatra (album), the Lumineers personify addiction through the eyes of Gloria Sparks, a mother that makes regrettable mistakes fueled by her addiction to alcohol and substances. Wesley Schultz, songwriter and co-founder of the Lumineers, therapeutically explores his family demons correlating Gloria’s life with familiar experiences. Their new trilogy LP […]

Team Tommy Day Honors Face the Music Ally Tommy McClenahan

27 May 2019
Face the Music Foundation Honors Tommy McClenahan and raises money for addiction treatment at Team Tommy Day.

Earlier this month, Team Tommy Day, an event to honor Face the Music Foundation ally Tommy McClenahan, raised money to help educate children and parents about addiction. Tommy passed away last August from an accidental overdose and left a huge hole in the heart of his community. His involvement with Face The Music Foundation inspired […]

New Cage the Elephant Music Addresses Addiction and Grief in a New Way

13 May 2019
New Cage the Elephant music discusses addiction, trauma and tragedy.

Since their last record, brothers Matt and Brad Shultz from the Grammy-winning band, Cage the Elephant, have gone through some incredibly difficult points in their lives: divorce, family deaths, friends dying from overdose and more. These tragedies served as the catalyst for the production of their new release, Social Cues. Their fifth album unapologetically confronts […]

Face the Music Foundation Remembers Justin Enoch

12 April 2019

It is with the deepest and most profound regret that Face the Music Foundation says goodbye to Justin Enoch. We stand alongside Justin’s loved ones in honoring his memory, and offer our sincerest condolences to his family and friends. Face the Music Foundation was grateful for the opportunity we had to be touched by Justin’s […]