Our Mission:

“Our mission it to raise awareness about addiction, provide resources for those active in recovery and to promote a clean and sober way of life.”

Our Vision:

“Our vision is a world where the stigma associated with addiction is overcome, resources are available to those who seek to be active in their recovery, regardless of financial circumstance and to have places where being sober is open and welcome.”

Our goals are to:

  • Erase the stigma associated with addiction with events and social media
  • Provide scholarships to detox, rehab and sober house facilities for those without the financial means
  • Promote music therapy programs as a tool to manage addiction and other mental health disorders
  • Support addicts in recovery by sponsoring and participating in sober events
  • Partner with other organizations that share the values, goals and objectives of Face The Music Foundation

Get In Tune.

All people deserve the opportunity to receive treatment and recover from the disease of addiction.  Face The Music Foundation was founded in August 2014 to help cultivate the resources to those who otherwise could not be able to receive treatment for substance abuse. We are an alliance (providers including inpatient detoxes, residential treatment centers, outpatient treatment centers, individualized therapists and sober living residences) that is committed to helping those suffering from substance use disorders find hope through the generosity of donations and scholarships.

  • Lives Lost (in thousands)

Every year addiction is claiming too many lives.

Every Year

Every Day

Every Hour

Billions spent on fighting addiction

  • Law enforcement
  • Treatment
  • Prevention

Society continues to treat addiction as a serious criminal problem, rather than a public health crisis, spending nearly $16 billion on law enforcement, but only $9 billion on treatment and less than $2 billion on prevention. People are dying every day because they are turned down for treatment due to lack of financial and insurance resources.

Join us in the fight! Find out how Face the Music is battling addiction: