Project Description

Musicians in Recovery Giving Back

The concept of giving back is fundamental to the recovery process. Face the Music Foundation has combined this reality with our deep roots in the musical landscape to develop our Grace Notes Program. This effort gives musicians that Face the Music has helped in the past the opportunity to give back by lending their musical gifts toward community prevention, fundraising and other initiatives. This program specifically provides music for often-forgotten elements of our society, including the elderly, the disabled, underprivileged children and others.

Using Music to Pay It Forward

Face the Music Foundation’s Grace Notes program is all about reciprocity and the reality that we’re at our very best when we’re using our talents and gifts to help others. By encouraging the musicians we help through the program to help people in their community, we create a network of support, awareness and advocacy to the more vulnerable segments of our population and bring joy into their everyday lives. To learn more about our Grace Notes Program, please contact our leadership today. We look forward to potentially having you as a partner.

Help Our Grace Notes Program

Giving Back One Note at a Time

We’re at our best when we’re using our gifts and experience to help others. Face the Music Foundation’s Grace Notes program provides musicians who have overcome addiction the opportunity to use their art to help others who are engaged in the same struggle.