The Healing Power of Music

A Podcast About Resilience

When I’m happy, I listen to music. When I’m stressed, I listen to music. In reality, I can’t recall a time when music didn’t have a significant influence on my mood. Music has a transformative quality to it that makes life more bearable. Paul Pellinger knows this better than anyone else.

Paul Pellinger, co-founder of Recovery Unplugged and Face the Music Foundation, has been using music to support people who are dealing with addiction.

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Within this episode you will find out about what exactly addiction is, why music is a key to long-term recovery, how music is used in retreatment centers across the country and famous musicians who support this program and why they promote it.

Every religious service, every motivational speaker, every good movie, every concert uses music to unify, to change mood, to communicate to the soul.” – Paul Pellinger

People have difficulty sharing what they think and they feel. But I guarantee someone has written a song about it.” – Paul Pellinger

Face the Music with Us

Many never seek treatment for addiction because of the cost. Face the Music Foundation is looking to help as many people as possible take the financial worry out of addiction treatment so they don’t have to choose between their savings and their sobriety. We need your help to get it done.