Face the Music: Saving Lives One Note at a Time with Drs. Robert Hanopole, Michael Rubenstein and Founder Paul Pellinger

Face the Music Foundation is a non-profit 501c(3) organization committed to helping individuals with limited means access to addiction treatment, and increasing support for substance abuse prevention and aftercare through music-based programs. Through our partnerships with stakeholders in the music industry and various community organizations, Face the Music Foundation spearheads educational programs, financial-assistance efforts, benefit concerts, and various other initiatives to increase access to care, provide ongoing support to those in recovery, remove the stigma of addiction and steer vulnerable populations away from alcohol and drug abuse. Our mission of healing addiction through music has mobilized an entire community of recovery advocates. Every day we save lives using the power of music and help guide people toward a better tomorrow.

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Face the Music with Us

Many never seek treatment for addiction because of the cost. Face the Music Foundation is looking to help as many people as possible take the financial worry out of addiction treatment so they don’t have to choose between their savings and their sobriety. We need your help to get it done.