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Maintaining Sobriety and Avoiding Relapse during the Holiday Season

6 December 2017

For most people, the holiday season represents a time to gather with family and loved ones, eat delicious and comforting food, exchange gifts, honor their culture or religion and reflect on the year. It creates a sense of enormous comfort on which they can count year after year, even in the face of chaos. For […]

Olivia Newton-John Discusses Therapeutic Benefits of Music in Cancer Care

4 October 2017

Grammy Award-winning singer, activist and breast cancer survivor Olivia Newton-John recently spoke about the healing benefits of music in cancer treatment. In a piece on NBC’s The Today Show, the 69-year-old Newton-John, who recently suffered a breast cancer relapse after 25 years in remission, gave the world a glimpse of the treatment and wellness facility […]

Richie Supa Debuts Powerful Music Video for “I Got This”

21 September 2017
I Got This

On September 28th, award-winning singer-songwriter, Richie Supa debuts his powerful new music video for “I Got This”.  Set your calendar to share the full-length video to help spread the message of how addiction and the Opioid epidemic is taking over our nation.  Everyone has been touched by addiction in their lives, family, friends, loved ones, […]

Warning Signs of Addiction

10 September 2017

One of the most dangerous aspects of drug addiction is simply the mental gymnastics that addicts go through as a regular part of their daily life. The denial, the justification, the entitlement; these thoughts and feelings are the ways that drug addiction protects itself, tricking the user into using more and more drugs for as […]

Point of No Return: The Effect of Addiction on the Developing Brain

2 August 2017
Face The Music Point of No Return: The Effect of Addiction on the Developing Brain

When discussing how to best treat drug addiction in the US, the bulk of the conversation tends to lean toward, “How do we get addicts clean?” rather than debating as to how addiction can be prevented in the first place. It seems this is a crucial talking point, but the truth is that preventing drug […]

GOP Health Plan Removes Mandate for Substance Abuse Treatment

10 March 2017
Face The Music GOP Health Plan Removes Mandate for Substance Abuse Treatment

A Healthplan Divided One of President Trump’s biggest campaign promises during the 2016 election cycle was to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, often heard referring to it as a “disaster” and a “failure”. The Republican party has not wasted any time drawing up a brand new healthcare plan that has been promised to right […]