Tanya Tucker Moves forward with New Album

Tanya Tucker Moves forward with New Album

Tanya Tucker, 60-year-old Country Music Hall of Fame legend, is bouncing back after dealing with issues of mental illness and addiction, and spending time in rehab. While I’m Livin’, Tucker’s first full-length studio album in over a decade, was released this past week to wide acclaim. The singer, who rose to fame in 1972 at the young age of 13 with her hit Delta Dawn, has teamed up with producers Brandi Carlile and Shooter Jennings to put together a new record which gives the listeners that 1970’s feel with the 2019 wisdom and experience. Tucker has had over 40 No. 1 hits throughout her whirlwind career. She’s made herself known because of her captivating attitude, her signature image, and her superlative vocal talents.

New Album, New Beginnings

Most of the album is a collaboration between Carlile, Jennings, and Tucker. It was Carlile and Jennings who suggested that Tucker release new music in the first place. While recording, Tucker and her team worked together in the recording booth, recording live, which reminded Tucker of how she used to record albums, “if somebody messed up, we would all do it over again.”

“Bring My Flowers Now,” a song which Tucker said was “on her mind for years” focuses on how it’s important to cherish people while you can because once they’re gone, the moment is lost. “It’s a song that I’ve had an idea for…I’m thinking about 40 years maybe,” Tucker said. “Well, it took me 40 years and 20 minutes to write the song.”

“I just kind of let go, let God,” Tucker said. “That’s the name I choose to call my higher power and I let him rock through me because the one thing I do know after all these years is that I’m not doing it by myself. It’s coming through me. And there’s a reason for that. I don’t know what it is, but I just know that it is.” Tucker has spent the last 50 years making music and becoming an icon in the country scene and we hope she continues to make music and inspire those around her.

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