Voices of Service Shows the Power of Music on America’s Got Talent


There is nothing more patriotic than a couple of veterans utilizing their God-given talent to sing an acapella number for America’s Got Talent. And what better time to post about this than on #AmericanEagleDay. Leading the patriotic acapella group, “Voices of Service,” is Caleb Green, a well-known anthem singer for the Capitals and recognized face to D.C. sports fans. They received a standing ovation after singing Katy Perry’s “Rise” on the 14th season of NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Getting to Know the Talent

Four Veterans compile the acapella group: Sergeant First Class Jason Hanna, active Sergeant Major Christal Rheams, Staff Sergeant Ron Henry and previously mentioned retired Master Sergeant Caleb Green. “Voices of Service” is affiliated with the Virginia-based Center for American Military Music Opportunities (CAMMO), a nonprofit dedicated to bringing military members together to share their love of music.

When asked how they first met, Sergeant Ron Henry mentioned how they have a common bond to serve their country. “Being soldiers we cope with a lot of things,” he reveals some of the heart-aching stories. “we averted an improvised explosive device, but the tank behind us hit it. It just tears you up inside, because it could have been your son, it could have been your daughter, it could have been a friend. And we still had to be resilient and do our job.”

“We would sit around and just start singing – that would help us get over what we went through earlier that day,” he continued. “It would just bring a sense of hope. The bond of music got us through it all.”

Using the Power of Music

Before they gave their bone-chilling performance, the “Voices of Service” mentioned how the power of music helped them with their post-traumatic stress disorders. “We are here to spread a message of love and hope for everyone in America who is coping with any challenge in life, to show what music can do.” Says Sergeant Rheams and Henry. The first line of Katy Perry’s “Rise” starts with “I won’t just survive. Oh, you will see me thrive…” and as their harmonies hit the judges ears, they were immediately stunned by their talent. Judge, Gabrielle Union, quickly shot up with a standing ovation before the group got to the chorus. As their voices collaborated to bring a moving performance, the entire studio went into a standing ovation.

After their performance, Gabrielle Union thanked them for saying, “The song, your voices, your ability, I can’t thank you enough for all of it, thank you.” Simon Cowell, one of the pioneer Judges of America’s Got Talent, said “your story is amazing, your message is amazing…what I loved is the vocal arrangements are stunning. This is what we need right now. Thank you.” After the three other judges simultaneous gave their “yeses” Simon Cowell said, “You haven’t got three yeses,” looking behind him at the audience, “you’ve got four thousand yeses.”

After their inspiring performance, Sergeant Rheams met with host Terry Crews talking about how important it is that they received the recognition. “I feel like there are so many people that get to hear this now, so many people that it will help,” Rheams said. “I’m happy about that.”

Music has a way of moving people and helping cope with some mental hardships. The mission of the “Voices of Service” is to promote the message of the power of music.

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