There are multiple sensory benefits of music. Have you ever used music to focus? Say you’re on an airplane, and that kid behind you just can’t settle down; do you use music to escape?  What about when you want to get that good, solid workout in; do you use music to increase your energy and get you going?  You probably never head to the gym without your headphones and a decent playlist in mind.

Music’s sensory benefits have the unique ability to envelop us, wrapping us in its rhythms and lyrics to help us create a new environment in which we feel at ease.  Everywhere we go, there is music close by.  Radios in our vehicles, music apps and broadcasting capabilities on our phones, speakers located in workspaces and doctors’ offices, and songs piped gently into restaurants; we’re rarely ever left without music in the background.

Jenna Grace, author of a recent blog on PsychCentral, describes the sensory benefits of music as her “savior” to calm her down during the most anxiety-inducing moments and situations she encounters. “Music makes everything better. No matter what.”  From her neighbor’s loud lawn equipment, to the high-pitched noises from the grocery store refrigeration units, Jenna has found that her music-filled headphones bring instant relief when presented with unpleasant auditory stimulation.  Not only does her music calm her nervous twitches and other physical responses, Jenna also shares that the music helps her clear her mind and become more aware and task focused. “[I’m] Going down the aisles with purpose. With focus.”

Whether it’s Mozart or The Doors, we all have certain songs or artists that just get us.  Lyrics and chords that help settle our nerves, ease our fears, or set that perfect tone to get our Monday morning started.  Music is not only universal and trans-generational, but it also has the ability to redirect our thoughts and create a new energy in our surroundings. Jenna recently went so far as to purchase a special Bluetooth-capable bathroom fan!  “It plays music like you’re at a club. So now I dance in the shower like that’s where I’m at.”

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