Parents’ Super Bowl Letter to Justin Timberlake Bemoans Glorification of Underage Drinking


Still reeling from 2004’s “wardrobe malfunction” and subsequent risqué Super Bowl halftime shows, a contingent of concerned parents has penned an open letter to artist and performer Justin Timberlake, pleading with him to make the show more wholesome this year. The authors of letter listed myriad examples of the countercultural threats with which they say their children are faced every day, including the glorification of drinking and substance abuse. On a day that has become synonymous with excessive alcohol consumption and higher rates of DUI, the parents are fighting to instill family-friendly entertainment back into what has become one of the most beloved Super Bowl spectacles.

Alcohol and the Super Bowl have long one hand in hand. Americans are expected to spend more than $40 million on alcohol for just this one day and beer companies are forever jockeying for position in top advertising slots during the telecast. With the link between the Big Game and drinking stronger than ever, it might be worth examining whether or not the NFL has a role to play in using their platform to further advocate for safer and more responsible alcohol consumption. While the glorification and permissive representation of underage drinking is only one item on a list of the parents’ priorities, perhaps it’s a good place to start, give the substance abuse epidemic in the United States.

Treatment centers all of the country brace themselves for a wave of Monday-morning calls the day after the Super Bowl because they know it’s common for many to relapse; examining the relationships between drinking and Super Bowl celebration might be a dramatic step forward in reversing this trend. If you or a loved one have relapsed during a Super Bowl celebration, get treatment immediately to get back in track in your recovery. You’re not alone.

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