New Light Shed on Trafficking of Drugs at Music Festivals


Drugs at music festivals have been a problem since their inception. When examining the evolution of these events, and the role drug use has played in them, one can hardly be blamed for conjuring up images of cavemen rolling leaves as they assembled to watch the musical luminaries of their day beat a drum for six hours. One question that has not been so easily answered, however, is how these drugs are actually getting into the festivals and how the dealers driving sales devise their game plans. A recent story from Vice endeavors to shed light on some of these issues by speaking directly to festival traffickers.

The Means and Methods of Trafficking Drugs at Music Festivals

The report highlighted, among other revelations, that nearly a third of all UK weekend festivalgoers will engage in some drug use. It also highlights the surprising ease with which dealers are able to maneuver at the region’s largest music festivals, including Glastonbury, Download, Secret Garden Party and others. Their methods, however, are admittedly sophisticated. Says one dealer of his preparation practices: “I sold mainly ketamine, coke, weed and acid, using vacuum packed bags which I’d stash in a Pringles can. I’d take half the Pringles out, pop the stash in, stick a couple Pringles on top and then reseal with super glue. Easy.” Others simply disclosed how they were able to manipulate the weights and measures system to avoid detection.

Drugs at Music Festivals are a Global Problem

While the article highlighted festivals from across the Pond, drugs at music festivals continue to be a very real problem in the United States as well. Though security has gotten tighter and more and more anti-overdose advocates are pushing for fentanyl testing kits for drugs that manage to make their way in, the reality is that as long as demand persists, this may always be an issue. If you or someone you care about is doing the festival circuit this summer, Face the Music Foundation wants to encourage you to be careful, mindful and resistant to drug use. Take in the music without taking in the poison. Contrary to what some would you have believe, the music speaks for itself and needs no other extra level of enhancement.

Face the Music with Us

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