New EDM Magazine Takes on Opioid Addiction in Festival Culture


Starting on March 9, 2019, FestWorld Magazine, the world’s first print magazine catering specifically to music festivals and festival-goers, will run its very first issue in partnership with Full Energy, No Drugs (FEND), an anti-opioid initiative, in order to spread awareness and save lives. Music festival culture has become a global phenomenon over the past couple of decades, with over 150 million festival-goers attending three or four festivals annually. Scotty Moore, the founder of FestWorld Magazine with over twenty years of print and digital advertising experience, hopes to provide music fans with honest accounts of festival experiences in order to help festival-goers find events that align with their interests and musical tastes.

Each issue is guaranteed to have a minimum of 350,000 copies, each costing $5.99, and will feature editorial content from across three separate continents. Aside from personal reviews of festivals, FestWorld Magazine will feature an array of content related to all aspects of music festivals, including travel, food, fashion, art, interviews, and more. Unlike many magazines nowadays, FestWorld Magazine will be running solely in print without a digital or iPad version available. The only ways to access a copy of the magazine are through subscription, purchasing one at a newsstand, or finding one at a music festival.

Moore also hopes to make an impact on the opioid crisis with the advent of the FestWorld Foundation, which receives $2.00 from every FestWorld Magazine sold. The foundation’s mission is to use these proceeds to support ground-level treatment and response efforts, as well as contribute to further research and education about drug abuse and addiction. The FestWorld Foundation supports the efforts on the National Opioid Action Coalition (NOAC), an initiative that furthers government efforts to help further measurable results in prevention, treatment, and recovery.

The FestWorld Foundation also heavily supports the efforts of FEND, which is currently supported by Kevin Lyman, founder of Warped Tour and Billboard Humanitarian Award recipient. FEND utilizes an app and gamification to provide education to youth on the dangers of drugs and drug usage, two issues that have become heavily intertwined with festival culture over the past couple of decades.

Although drug usage within festival culture has a much broader scope than opioid usage, the FestWorld Magazine and FestWorld Foundation have taken awareness and prevention a step further by using their platforms to help cultivate and inspire meaningful action against stigmas and encourage treatment and recovery efforts. Not only will this magazine touch and teach all generations about the diversity of music festivals, it will also help lessen the opioid addiction devastating families and communities across the United States.

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