Educational Program

Get in Tune Program

The Get In Tune Program was established from receiving grant money from the LETF of Broward county. It is designed to be three 1 hour sessions. We studied that it takes 21 days to begin to make a change in behavior. So it was our mission to create a program that would span 3 weeks. It is a prevention and awareness program using music to evoke emotions to help adolescents ages 10-18 cope with situations such as bullying, abuse, divorce, and addiction. We use licensed therapists and clinicians along with a group facilitator to conduct the groups so that if any issues arise we are equipped to handle them. We were fortunate to partner with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward county and are in our second year, based on the success of the first year. The kids love us and we are overwhelmed to be able to help as many children as we possibly can.

Get In Tune Program

For the second year in a row, Face the Music Foundation is pleased to accept a grant from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund program established by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Grace Notes

Grace Notes was created to introduce musicians and artists in recovery to the opportunity to serve the community using their talents.
Using their gift and giving back helps to keep them in gratitude and therefore assists in their sobriety.

Grace Notes provides music specifically to those who are otherwise forgotten. Primarily elderly with disabilities, underprivileged children and generally those groups who would otherwise not have the chance to experience live music. As we know music heals and it provides a sense of joy to both those benefiting from hearing and experiencing the music and certainly those performing.

Grace Notes Project founded by Carl Schmid who is an artist in recovery himself, has found through his own personal journey how music has saved his life, and now proved a him a profound sense if not by bringing this special moments to those recovering and those who are struggling.
He has helped many artists to realize how powerful their gifts are and how to use it for the greater good.

Grace Notes

Protecting Young People from Addiction through Education and Involvement

Very often, the only thing saving a young substance user from full-on addiction is education and the involvement of a caring intermediary. Face the Music is committed to insulating young people from addiction through our educational programs. Children who start using drugs and alcohol before the age of 18 have an 81 percent chance of developing chemical dependency. This is why Face the Music is working to help children and young adults find their way back to sobriety before addiction takes hold. We are also committed to helping those who are already struggling with addiction access quality and affordable treatment.

Our Educational Initiatives and Partnerships

Face the Music is always looking to expand our educational outreach to help more and more patients and their loved ones. We are currently partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County on prevention and awareness, utilizing extensive research regarding the origins and triggers of first-time substance misuse. We also work with colleges and universities all over the country to hold concerts and events educating young adults who are vulnerable to addiction or already in recovery regarding music’s power to heal and help maintain sobriety. We understand the special kind of stress that college students in recovery face. Between the cost of education, pressure to excel and the stress of trying to find a job after graduation, these students need as much support as possible. Face the Music has established a collegiate ambassador program at colleges and universities that have on-campus sober living and available support groups.

Introducing Addicts to the Healing Power of Music

Live music is at the heart of our initiative not only because of the solidarity and sense of community experienced at concerts, but because of the natural healing properties that music provides. Face the Music partners with artists in recovery from all over the country to help them tell their story, raise awareness and funds, and help inspire others who are currently struggling with substance abuse. We are registered in four states and hope to expand our scope and outreach as quickly as possible. Our organization promotes and participates in as many events as possible to help spread awareness, education and assistance to those struggling with past or present substance abuse.

A Collaborative Community

Face the Music provides information through our network of providers to help those who are struggling get the necessary care. We share information of everything from, all aspects of treatment and medical services to aftercare and recovery lifestyle. We recognize the profound difficulty that addicts experience when they try to break the cycle of substance abuse and strive to show them how music helps ease that pain, help educate them to all the possibilities there are for them to get the help they desperately need.