Demi Lovato’s Upcoming Tour to Feature Free Therapy Sessions for Fans


In a first-of-its-kind move and true show of devotion to her fans, Demi Lovato is offering free therapy sessions for concert attendees battling mental health issues. The acclaimed singer’s national bid to support her newest release Tell Me You Love Me, will include a partnership with the Los Angeles-based CAST Centers, an organization offering care for addiction and mental health issues. Lovato and CAST Centers CEO Mike Bayer will also be partnering up with one mental health/wellness charity in each city, encouraging fans to donate via text message during the show itself. The Tell Me You Love Me Tour kicks off tomorrow in Dallas Texas at the House of Blues.

Lovato, herself, has waged a successful, albeit very public, battle with co-occurring addiction and bipolar disorder. Her successful and life-changing stint in treatment gave her the impetus to use her platform to help others. Fans will have the chance to sign up for the intimate chats, led by Bayer, as well as listen to special guest speakers talk about their own personal journeys with mental health and wellness. Lovato engaged in a similar initiative in 2016 when she invited guests like the Jonas Brothers and Meta World Peace to speak about their own mental health experiences and their paths to wellness.

Lovato’s new mental health initiative serves as an enduring example of the power of music to help patients heal from addiction and mental illness. In a climate where many musicians are still battling these kinds of demons, and ultimately becoming casualties of their own conditions, Lovato has chosen to fight back and leverage her past turmoil to her own advantage and to that of others. Perhaps the most impactful part of this idea is her willingness to show her fans that they’re not alone; which can make all the difference in circumstances that are often isolating.

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