A Veteran’s Day Look at Music’s Mental Health Treatment Benefits


As we observe another Veterans Day, Face the Music Foundation wants to acknowledge the unmatched sacrifice made by our nation’s retired military, and extend our sincere and unending appreciation for what they’ve done to keep our country safe. We also wanted to reiterate that we understand the unique behavioral health issues affecting this population, and to highlight music’s benefits in the  treatment of many of the conditions that they experience following their military tenure. Music therapy has long been used as a care resource in the mental health treatment of military personnel.

By the Numbers: Music’s Effectiveness in Treating Common Veterans Mental Health Issues

The United States Department of Veterans (VA) reports that over 20 percent of military veterans struggles with PTSD. About 15% of military veterans struggle with past-pear substance use disorder (SUD). Over 20% of military vets with PTSD also have SUD. In addition to multiple other data sources, a joint study between the VA’s National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the University of Pennsylvania reveals that music therapy could be a vital resource for “improving functioning and fostering resilience.” Anxiety and depression are two more behavioral health issues commonly experienced by returning military…and two more that can be treated using music.

Put on Your Favorite Record and Get the Help You Need

If you’re one of the thousands of military veterans in the United States that are struggling with mental illness, music can be your initial lifeline to recovery, peace of mind and a better future. You don’t have to go through this struggle alone, nor should you. There are ample resources out there to help you reclaim your life, your dignity and your mental health. Integrating music into your recovery routine has a direct role to play in that process.

Face the Music with Us

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