100: The Healing & Teaching Powers Of Music, With Jeff Jacob

There is a wave of scientific research that is helping to demonstrate something most people have known all along: that music provides powerful benefits in the training and development of people of all ages. Whether it is used for mood-setting, memory recall, learning transfer, or even just for the “fun” factor it provides, music has shown that it is a powerful tool and metaphor in professional training and development.

In this episode, we meet Jeff Jacob, who is the Executive Director of the Face The Music Foundation and Founder of The Song Team. In his role as a leader and songwriter, he helps us explain the role of music in driving change through both his non-profit organization and his work with today’s major corporations.

My favorite quotes from Jeff Jacob in this episode (paraphrased):

“Music is great for healing, teaching, and building community!”

“The greatest songs in the world, are collaborations!”

“Personal wellness and happiness can make you more successful on a daily basis!”

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