Our Deepest Sympathies and Support to Those Hit by Hurricane Harvey

It’s a disaster of which we can scarcely make sense, and although it’s impossible to immediately assess the scope of tragedy caused by the recent hurricane, it’s safe to say that the damage was unprecedented. During these exceedingly trying times, it can be hard to see past the uphill battle that lies in repairing our communities and our lives; however, it is through strength, determination and personal resolve that those affected by the storm will rebuild their homes, businesses and neighborhoods anew.

As a member of the Texas business community, and a friend to all those therein, Face The Music stands ready to assist in the rebuilding effort in whatever capacity possible. We would also like to commend local emergency responders on the impeccable job they’ve done, and are continuing to do, during the rescue efforts and to extend our deepest condolences who lost loved ones and property in this colossal and unprecedented disaster.

We encourage all who can to give whatever is possible. We will also be accepting donations through PayPal via our Face the Music partner. The impact that this disaster may have on those in recovery is not at all lost on us, and we encourage all who are feeling vulnerable to relapse to rely on their support network and, if necessary go back into treatment.

We thank all donors in advance for their generosity and encourage all to give whatever they can to expedite and solidify the recovery effort. We would also like to wish victims of Harvey the highest level of emotional strength as they rebuild.

Face the Music will match up to $1,500 of all monies raised for the Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts! All monies received will be donated to the United Way Relief Fund of Greater Houston.